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Reflective (Lumencoat)

Surcotec offers different type of reflective coatings, which are mainly based on gold and silver alloy in order to obtain high levels of reflectivity:

- the LUMENCOAT coating, based on silver, has been developed by Surcotec for applications such as LED reflectors, interior lightning, … This coating has been validated by multinational lightning companies and can be deposited on metal, polymer, glass or silicon. The reflectivity rate has a mean value of 97% within the visible light range (300-900 nm).

In order to fulfill the growing demand for high-end optical products, this world-class coating is realized in a dedicated coating unit within our ISO7 clean room. This up-to-date and industrial production facility allows a short lead-time and an very large annual capacity.

More information: Please see the technical file on the right.

- the gold coatings (thin or thick) are deposited onto any kind of substrate in order to get a perfect result for application such as space mirror, barcode reader, spectrometer analysis units, …

These optical treatments are made within the ISO 9011:2008 environment by highly qualified engineers .

  • Traitement or sur plastique PC
  • Traitements miroirs à base d'or et d'argent
  • Traitement Lumencoat pour application LED (94%)
  • Traitement Lumencoat pour application LED
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