The Company

Surcotec was created in 1995 by Pierre Matthey and François Gremion, specialists in thin film deposits under
vacuum. From surface preparation to industrial analysis as well as the manufacturing of production equipment,
Surcotec has become a major player in its domain with highly sought-after skills.



SURCOTEC is created, specializing in vacuum treatment and analysis of materials.


A new shareholder closely linked to the company GAGGIONE, leader in the plastic injection industry, enters the company.


Certification ISO 9001:2008 is obtained.


SURCOTEC becomes shareholder in SYVACO, created in 2006 and specialized in type A-DLC under-vacuum treatment.


SURCOTEC creates a new unit, SURCOFLEX, involved in Roll to Roll under-vacuum treatment.


As a specialist in surface engineering and its constraints, SURCOTEC offers coatings based on PVD, PVD-PECVD and ALD
technology for decorative or functional applications for applications such as the watchmaking, microtechnology,
optics, medical, and space industries.

Surcotec strategy

  • Maintain the high quality of the product with excellent customer service.
  • Increase investment in manufacturing (R&D, flexibility, capacity,…)

The team

A team of qualified and motivated scientists are here to meet your requirements and propose innovative solutions that correspond
fully to your specifications.

  • Véronique Prieux
    Sales and marketing manager
  • François Gremion
  • Benoit Petite
    Thin-film department manager
  • Amélie Coutret
    Optical thin-film manager
    Quality manager
  • Benjamin Gallay
    Technical services manager
  • Dominique Limat
    Analysis laboratory manager
  • Amal Chalais
    Chemical laboratory manager

Surcotec includes twenty other people in its team.

  • Surcotec
  • 2019/08/02