Surface assessment

Surcotec checks the degree of cleanliness of your parts by carrying out detailed surface assessments and can determine the type and the parameters of a chemical attack.

Example: Improve quality level, post-production inspection, final acceptance test, …

Surface assessment examples

Surface modification

Inspection of surface condition, (after shot peening, sand blasting, …).

Titanium implants 


Observation of component finish looking for pollution and residual burrs.

Micrometric screw thread for medical application

Production batch

Validation of a run of parts to avoid over high reject rate during assembly.

Watch gear elements


Verification of manufacturing steps by rapid and pertinent visual inspection.

Stainless steel mesh under high resolution.

After-cleaning inspection

Validation of cleaning process with targeted search for contamination.

Laser machined stainless-steel stent.

Post-production inspection

Checking the quality of assembly by static observation or by sampling method. 

Track soldering inspection.

  • Surcotec
  • 2019/08/08