Rupture - Material fragility

Surcotec will observe your components from all angles to provide you with an explanation about the origin of your problem.

Examples: unapproved R&D, lack of proper quality control, customer claim, product recall, …

Defect examples

Short circuit

Analysis of returned products with a diagnostic of possible physical-chemical reactions.

Isolated break

Determine the cause of a localized failure which has led to a full breakdown.


Examine the crack propagation mode to explain the cause.

Complete rupture 

Determine the type (ductile, fragile, …) of the break and the presence of undesired elements

Material fragility

Find the weak points and propose possible improvements.

Material defects

Find the cause of the failure in order to find ways to improve production.


Find hidden porous areas which degrade the mechanical properties.


Provide explanations on the surrounding contamination and its role in the failure.

  • Surcotec
  • 2019/08/08