Roll to roll – metallization PVD


We develop technologies and coating methods under vacuum for flexible products such as polymer or metallic films or any type of substrate on a roll.

The metallization can be done on just one or on both sides of the product and in widths up to 500 mm and several hundred meters long.

Unrolling and rolling are done under vacuum.

The deposit is made continuously on the roll as it unrolls.


What is PVD coating ?

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a metal deposition coating process that allows thin films of material to be deposited under vacuum using vapor.

For PVD coating the deposition temperature is usually between 80 and 150°C.

The deposit thickness is 2 +/-0.5 (micron)

HV 0.05 hardness is between 800 and 1000

Conforms to REACH and RoHS standards

Application examples

  • Absorption/opacity
  • Decorative/identification

  • Surcotec
  • 2019/08/07