Atomic Layer Deposition ALD


What is an ALD coating?

ALD is a deposition process which allows the deposition of thin films under vacuum thanks to gaseous pre-cursors.

The parts to be treated are placed in a vacuum machine.

After introduction of a pre-cursor A which deposit on all of the part’s surface, a pre-cursor B is introduced and reacts with the first atoms deposited to form the first atomic layer.

This cycle is repeated until the correct thickness is obtained.

Deposition temperature is between 150 and 200°C.

Application examples

  • Barrier layers
  • Colorized layers

The advantages

  • Perfect conformity
  • Excellent homogeneity on 3D parts
  • Reproductivity of the coating
  • Thickness control on a nanometric scale
  • Good chemical stability
  • Excellent barrier layer
  • Non-polluting technology

  • Surcotec
  • 2019/12/10