ALD coating


A new deposition solution for medical items

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) – Procedure

ALD is a procedure of chemical deposition in the gaseous phase whereby a thin film of metallic oxides (AL2O3, TiO2, …) is made at the nanometric scale.

ALD is an innovative technology for making protective and decorative coatings.

Conforms to REACH and RoHS standards.

Main applications of ALD deposits

Barrier layer

Excellent properties as a diffusion barrier

Application: Sensitive substrates
Constraints: Barrier layer
Solution: ALD coating


Intense color for a better identification on parts made from steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum …

Application: External fixers
Constraints: Biocompatibility, homogenous color, mechanical resistance 
Solution: Colorized ALD coatings


Application: Stents
Constraints: Barrier layer and 300% deformation on steel parts 
Solution: ALD TiNO coating …

  • Surcotec
  • 2019/08/07